Mike Parrella's 6-Figure MasterMind. For School Owners Ready
For Rockstar Numbers... While Working Way Less Hours.

"My locations consistently get 100+
contracts a month. I spend 2-3 hours a
week managing all 8. In my MasterMind,
I reveal exactly how it's all done."

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Mike Parrella here, and here's the deal:

My MasterMind has limited space. But there are a few openings left. Read on to see if it's right for you.

Not everyone who applies gets in. And no, that's not just a “pick up line” ;-). People ready and willing to pay have been turned away because they weren't a good fit.

This is an elite, top-level group of school owners who are action takers.

If that sounds like you--and your adrenaline starts pumping when you think about doing what it takes to skyrocket your school's success--read on.

Sounds like this could be a great fit.

You should know though... This is NOT like any other mastermind out there.

There are some "big names" in the industry who cram too many people into a room... re-hash simple, stupid tactics... charge a ton of money... and call it a "mastermind"...

You won't find that here.

I keep my MasterMind groups tight and focused. And the info is always FRESH, PROVEN, and POWERFUL.

No one else is teaching what I'm teaching. That's because I invented these tactics myself.

No one else in the industry consistently gets 100-150 enrollments per location each and every month... while working 2-3 hours a week. If you want to know how that's done, I'm the only guy who can teach you.

And in the MasterMind, I will teach it to you. I hold nothing back. All of my knowledge, systems and tactics are yours for the taking.


Michael Parrella's MasterMind

Who is Michael Parrella?

CEO & Founder of iLoveKickboxing (the fastest-growing fitness franchise in the nation), FC Online Marketing (insanely results-generating online marketing for schools), & Team Parrella (the most successful and success-creating consulting company in our industry)… Mike is here to help schools achieve success - while having more fun, more freedom, and helping more people.

“I love our industry. Martial arts is good for the world. I want to help as many schools as I can grow, conquer, and flourish."

"90 Days to Success."

The goal of the first 90 days is simple:

Figure out where you are now in your business, including every problem you're facing, frustrations you have, and what your numbers (financial's) are.

Create a 90-day road map to get you to where you want to be.

Sounds simple, right?

That's because it is. MasterMind isn't about flowery language or complicated jargon.

It's about results, plain and simple. And within the first 90 days, you'll already get incredible results.

But that's just the first 3 months. After that there are still 9 more months of intensive growth, learning, and good times. And every session is jam-packed with more powerful business-growing info than you'd believe.

"I'll show you exactly how to..."

Work Less. Earn WAY More. Help Way More People

Our industry is full of -- excuse my French -- bullshit. Bullshit work hours.
Bullshit tactics.

If you follow what's been taught in our industry for decades, you can (if you're lucky) grow your school big.

But you'll be a slave to your school. You'll work around the clock, 6-7 days a week.

If you get sick? Tough. Your school depends on you, so you better suck it up or you'll lose money. You probably already know this. You've likely experienced it.

It doesn't have to be that way.

I can show you how to make more money, help more students, and work WAY less. I manage 3 schools in 2-3 hours a week. Other MasterMind members do the same.

You can do it too. You just have to follow my systems.

Martial Arts MasterMind
Live Life Now

Develop Cutting-Edge Online & Offline
Marketing Strategies.

I'm constantly testing and tweaking my marketing systems.

Guess what happens every time I achieve a breakthrough?

I share it with my MasterMind members.

You'll get the latest tactics & strategies that I test on my own schools. I make sure they work. I fix all the “bugs” and “kinks”.

Then I give them to you.

No one else - including your competition - will be using the tactics that you're using. I guarantee it.

Live life NOW. Don't Wait Till You're 65.

The biggest benefit MasterMind members get is time.

Time for family. Time for you. Time for life.

You can pursue your other passions and hobbies. You can be the best mom or dad in the world.

You can travel the world.

When you use my systems - and earn more, while working less - you can do all of these as much as you'd like.

Overcome Any Challenge You Face in Your School.

Psychologists say that you're the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

In MasterMind, you only spend time with rockstar school owners.

These guys and gals do what it takes to succeed. They achieve amazing numbers, while working insanely few hours.

No matter what challenge you're facing... someone in the group has been through it and solved it.

You'll be part of a network of incredible men and women who are there to help you. And you can offer your wisdom to help them, too.

And if your problem is unique? I guarantee you if you bring it up to the group, you'll get the best solutions you could possibly imagine.

Long Lasting Businesses
Work Hard & Have Fun

Build a "1,000 Year Old" School.

Japan is the only country in the world that has 1,000 year old businesses. They plan for the future. Most school owners? They're only concerned about right now.

"How many students can I get today?"

"How much money can I make this month?"

Let me show you how to put systems in place so your school can last for generations. You can pass it on to your kids. They can pass it on to their kids.

You can provide for generations to come.

Have Fun

MasterMind is fun. We all go out together. We hang out together. It's social. Stories are swapped. Friendships are born.

The fun doesn't stop when the sessions do though.

It continues when you're home. Running your school and your life should be fun.

If it isn't fun now, don't worry. After 1 or 2 MasterMinds, it will be.

Make Back Your Investment.

Every MasterMind member - yes, every one of them - has made back his or her investment.

My game plan isn't to take your money and run.

My game plan is to give you so much value, that I earn your trust. I only want to earn your trust through helping you achieve amazing results.

I'll make you a deal:

I'll give you the secret treasure map. You follow it.


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"More Perks of the
6-Figure MasterMind"

100% Money Back Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee.

There are no contracts with MasterMind. MasterMinds with contracts are scared. They're scared that you'll discover that they're worthless.

They're scared that you'll want your money back.

I'm not worried about that. Everyone in my MasterMind makes back their investment many times over.

I believe in it so much that if you come to your first meeting... and decide it's not right for you... I'll refund your investment in full.

Fair enough?

Royal Treatment

Royal Treatment

I once joined a MasterMind that cost me an arm and a leg. When I showed up, they didn't even provide us with water.

I didn't feel very special.

In my MasterMind, you get the Royal Treatment:

Lunch and Breakfast included every day.

I take you and everyone out for a very nice dinner on the first night of every session.

Refreshments & snacks provided.

And more.

These perks don't cost extra. MasterMind members are an elite group. You deserve to be treated like it.

Learn from the ONLY person in our industry who...

Has facilities that consistently generate 100-150 members a month. This doesn't happen every once in a while for me.

It happens every month of the year. Let me show you how.

Makes schools profitable within 4-5 months of opening.

I haven't come across anyone else in our industry who's done this. Have you?

Gets schools to generate $500k - $600k in their first year of opening.

Same as the one above. If you've met someone else who's done this, send me their info. I haven't come across anyone else who can consistently pull it off.

Achieves all of this in 2-3 hours a week. Sure, when you first open a school you'll have to be more hands on. When you first start implementing my systems, you'll work more than 2-3 hours.

But once you put my systems in place, you can run and grow your school in a single afternoon per week.

Travel to the coolest spots in the country.

Sessions take place in a new city every time. New York... Miami... San Diego... And more.

Break away from the scenery of your day-to-day life every time there's a session.

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"Some Important Logistics & FAQ"

"How many times a year do we meet?"

MasterMind meets 4 times a year. In every meeting, you leave with a solid, actionable plan. There's no “theory” or “fluff”. You only get methods I've proven myself.

Between meetings, you have complete access to me for any questions or problems you face. You're never stranded or alone. I've always got you covered.

"Who MasterMind
Is and Isn't For:"

MasterMind isn't for...

Anyone looking to become an instant millionaire overnight. You're not willing to do what it takes to lay down the groundwork for a long-lasting, stable, lucrative business. This isn't for you.

Anyone who thinks they "deserve" success, or it should just "come to them". MasterMind members realize that no one owes you anything. They realize that you reap what you sow. They're not afraid of hard work. They relish in it.

Anyone who doesn't see the value in paying for mentorship. If that's you, I'm not sure why you've even read this far. I pay lots of money for mentors. I believe everyone should have a mentor. If you don't see the value in that, this isn't for you.

Mastermind is for...

Anyone looking to grow a stable, long-lasting, lucrative business. You don't want a quick paycheck or "tricks" to success. You want to build your business the right way. You're okay with doing the work today, getting paid (a lot) tomorrow.

Anyone who doesn't wait around for "life" to bring them success. MasterMind members go out and get success. They don't sit around and wonder why it never comes to them. If this is you, you'll fit right in.

You see the value in paying for mentorship, and you jump on opportunity when it presents itself. I practice what I preach. I pay a lot for mentors. I jump on opportunity like my life depended on it. If you value these things too, you'll fit right in.

Space is Highly Limited.
Apply Now.

Apply Now

Word of the results my MasterMind members get is spreading like wildfire.

It's growing all the time.

Don't hesitate on this. Apply now, and get the ball rolling.

If you're a serious action taker who's willing to empty your "cup"... and take action on the systems and secrets I'm going to give you...

I - and everyone else in the group - wants you to be here.

Apply now by clicking the link below.

The way I see it, you have two options:

1. Keep doing what you're doing, and generating the same results. The same hours. The same struggles.

2. Learn from me and the other MasterMind members and break free of your "golden handcuffs". Enjoy your life. Enjoy your family. Enjoy your time.

It ain't cheap, but everyone in MasterMind agrees that it's still under priced. And everyone has made back their investment many times over.

And with my 100% Money Back Guarantee, there's really nothing to lose.

This is a no-brainier.

Make the right call,

Mike Parrella

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