Mike Parrella's 6-Figure MasterMind. For School Owners Ready
For Rockstar Numbers... While Working Way Less Hours.

What you get:

  • Three 2-day 'Mastermind' meetings facilitated by Team Parrella
  • Some meetings may have BONUS guests and other top marketing experts
  • Two EMERGENCY one-on-one 15 minute coaching calls with a Team Parrella member
  • Two VIP registrations for the next annual Martial Arts Business Summit® for primary member and partner, spouse or key employee ($697.00 Value)
  • Access to bonus workshops, meetings, and events hosted by Michael
  • Qualify to win exclusive "Mastermind Only" Martial Arts Mastermind Summit 2016
  • Access (involvement) to all the fun, shenanigans, and good times that may take place.

Membership Criteria:

  1. Be willing to share during the meetings about your successes, victories, failures, frustrations and problems
  2. Be willing to present your greatest successes at Martial Arts Business Summit (if asked)
  3. Attend 'at least' two of the three yearly meetings (we're only looking for SERIOUS action takers)
  4. Have an honest desire to create a successful Martial Arts/Fitness business where clients can get world-class service and results
  5. Maintain confidentiality of all sensitive information discussed at the mastermind meetings
  6. Twelve-month commitment
  7. Qualify

Mastermind Qualification Application

Business Gross Volume in...

  Under $100,000
  $100,000.01 - $250,000
  $250,000.01 - $500,000.00
  $500,001 - $999,999
  $1 Million +
  Under $100,000
  $100,000.01 - $250,000
  $250,000.01 - $500,000.00
  $500,001 - $999,999
  $1 Million +
  Under $100,000
  $100,000.01 - $250,000
  $250,000.01 - $500,000.00
  $500,001 - $999,999
  $1 Million +

What areas do you/your business needs the most work on?
(Rank EACH 1-10, 10 "Huge", 1 "Not significant")

Example: Clarity Of Goals & Objectives
Clarity Of Goals & Objectives
Time Management & Personal Productivity
Handling Employees/Outsourcing/Vendors
Raising Prices
Customer Service
Dealing with increased competition
Email Strategy
Program/Service development/creation
Program launch/re-launch
Traffic strategies
Tracking & testing
Conversion and multiple purchases
Affiliate and joint venture marketing
Offline marketing

Rank 1 = Poor to 5 = Excellent

Advertising, Marketing Skills
Time Allocated To Marketing & Sales
Systematic, On Schedule Achievement Of Goals
Time Management & Personal Productivity
Passion, Enthusiasm, Mind Set, Enjoyment Of Business Life
Satisfaction With Income & Income Growth
Quality Of Personal, Family Related Relationships

All applications will be time stamped once received. And decisions
between equally qualified candidates will be based on who applied first.


- $999.00 (regularly $2,500) upon acceptance and $1,199/month for 12 months.
- Or pay $13,389 in full for the entire year and save $1,998

"If I qualify...I'll pay:" (Please Select an Option)

   Monthly payments ($999 buy in and $1,199/month a 12 month commitment)
   Pre-pay $13,389 for the year and take the $1,998 discount.