A glimpse of the man you’ll be personally learning from.

"Who is Mike Parrella?"

I own the fastest-growing fitness franchise in the U.S., with over 500 locations open or in development. Not only that - iLoveKickboxing generates more web specials for its locations than any studio in existence.

I have 8 locations of my own (with more on the way). Many of them generate 7-figures. None of them generate less than multiple six-figures. In fact, some bring in $100k / month or more on average.

I manage all 8 locations in under 2 hours / week because of the systems & processes I’ve engineered.

My companies, FC Online Marketing & Parrella Consulting, help 1000+ schools achieve amazing success. As a direct result of our coaching & products, schools are reaching more people, serving them better, and achieving more personal & financial freedom than ever.

In fact, Team Parrella is now the largest consulting company in the industry, for one simple reason: We help schools get amazing results. Period. It's what we live for.

I started M.A. Business Summit which has grown from 200 - 700+ audience members since launching it 3 years ago. That’s because MABS is packed with refreshing, groundbreaking info that's truly helping schools grow.

I'm just passionate about our industry. I believe in what we do - and I love helping schools reach and help more people. Because at the end of the day - when I help you grow your school, I’m helping you impact more lives. And that makes me sleep like a baby at night, I gotta say ;-)

"My biggest passion is helping school owners reach levels they only ever dreamed of."

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